Assessment Tests

How are Assessment Tests generated?

Designed and developed by specialists in language proficiency testing, Do you speak Jeun'Est Assessment Tests evaluate key language skills in just 20 minutes. These tests are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFRL) for languages.

The Assessment Tests are generated from a base of 240 questions per language. The test is adaptive, i.e. the difficulty level of the questions is influenced by your responses, increasing or decreasing depending on the accuracy of answers given. Following from this principle, questions are selected and compiled dynamically from a database by an algorithm, thus constituting an infinite number of available tests.

How do I access my Assessment Test results?

Your Assessment Test results can be found, in chronological order, in the Assessment Tests section of your Dashboard.

How often can I take Assessment Tests?

You may take an Assessment Test when you first begin to use the site, and then every time you score 10,000 points by playing the learning units. This allows you sufficient time in which to practice and make progress before evaluating your skills anew.

How are Assessment Tests results calculated?

The Assessment Test result is determined by a number of variables:
- Each question has a coefficient based on the difficulty level of the question.
- The number of correct answers is taken into account (based on the coefficient).
- The number of incorrect answers is also taken into account (based on the coefficient).
- Depending on the skill level of the learner, the algorithm will have more of a focus on the correct answers or on the incorrect answers.

While time spent on the test is not taken into account when calculating the result, it will still be shown so you can note how long you spent on the test. When the test has been completed, you can check your results under the Assessment Tests section in your dashboard. You can download, print or share a personalized Certificate confirming your Assessment Test result.