Getting started

How To Learn On Do you speak Jeun'Est Most Effectively

When you first start using Do you speak Jeun'Est, take a first Assessment Test to find out your level. On Do you speak Jeun'Est you can then filter Video Boosters by level, to play those at your level or try the challenge of those just above it. If you’re interested in a particular topic and want to expand your vocabulary in that field, Photo Vocabs are an ideal learning resource. Above all, try to use Do you speak Jeun'Est frequently - ideally three times a week at least. Frequent short sessions are the best way to learn or improve quickly.
Out of a sample of 6,000 language learners engaged on the platform for a period of 20 hours, 52% progressed one level or more on the European Union's CEFR language proficiency scale (50% for English, 52% for Spanish, 56% for German, 47% for French, 55% for Portuguese and 53% for Chinese).

How do I know my level?

When you start learning a language on Do you speak Jeun'Est, you will be asked to complete a first Assessment Test, evaluating your proficiency level in that language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Upon completing it, you will know your level. To help you track your progress, a new Assessment Test is proposed to you every 10,000 points you accumulate on the platform.