What are they used for?

Different dashboards are available to you. They show learning you’ve completed so far on the platform. These dashboards are like your personal online notebook. The vocabulary items labelled as "learned" are those you’ve played a sufficient number of times to memorise them. The grammar rules dashboard keeps track of the grammar rules you’ve seen (the ones in blue) in the Video Boosters, and provides links to all the Video Boosters featuring that grammar rule. Dashboards can be very useful for revising vocabulary or for finding, reviewing or practicing a specific point of grammar.

Here you’ll also find mock BRIGHT, TOEIC and Linguaskill certification exams which you can do once for each, to give you an idea of what the exams are like.

Good to know: the dashboard also shows the results of all the Assessment Tests you’ve taken. An explanation of your results according to the CEFRL is included to help you better understand your calculated level and know what other levels entail in terms of language proficiency.

What are Challenges?

Good habits are crucial to learning a language efficiently and effectively. In this regard, to get you started on the right foot the site’s online "coach" gives you Challenges - consisting of specific learning tasks you must complete - when you first start learning on Do you speak Jeun'Est. These challenges get you in the habit of learning with short but frequent bursts of learning activity.