Personal data

What happens to my personal data?

Do you speak Jeun'Est is fully GDPR compliant. None of your information is used or shared for commercial or marketing purposes. Data are processed by Do you speak Jeun'Est solely for purposes of facilitating learning or tracking students' progress. To learn more about your personal data, you can consult our Personal data policy from the bottom of this page.

How do I change the language I'm learning?

The language of learning is the language you have chosen to learn. If you have access to more than one learning language, you can change the learning language by clicking on the Change Language button.

How do I select or change the language of the interface?

The interface language is the language in which you are navigating the site. Instructions for your exercises are given in this language. For a fully immersive experience, the interface language can be set to be the same as the learning language.

To change the interface language, all you need do is select a language via the globe icon at the top of the site.
The interface is available in 26 languages.

How do I select or change the translation language?

The translation language enables you translate words (in addition to key vocabulary) inside a learning unit, as with a dictionary. You can change the translation language by clicking "Change" next to "Your translation language" in the top right-hand corner of the Home page.

Just like the interface language, the large number of available translation languages can be be very helpful for diverse audiences like that of the platform, in particular for beginners in a language.

There are 26 translation languages available on the platform.

Can I track my progress?

In keeping track of the learning units you complete on the site, Do you speak Jeun'Est records the points you have scored, the time spent on the site, and your Assessment Test results. You can also find and revise the expressions and grammar rules you've learned in the relevant Dashboard sections.