Photo Vocabs

What is a Photo Vocab?

Improving your vocabulary is an essential part of language learning. Do you speak Jeun'Est makes it a simple, fun and effective process. Photo Vocabs are visual dictionaries comprising 16 vocabulary expressions organised around a common theme. A dictionary comprises two albums of eight expressions, one containing foundation vocabulary for that topic and the other containing more advanced vocabulary.

Photo Vocabs help you practice spelling, semantics and memorisation in different ways, thus creating neural connections to help you commit expressions to your long-term memory.

Good to know: authorising access to your microphone allows you to practice pronounciation of the vocabulary by comparing the recorded pronounciation in the Photo Vocab with your own pronounciation

What is the structure of a Photo Vocab?

A Photo Vocab comprises 16 vocabulary expressions, divided into two albums of eight expressions each.
Each term is illustrated, translated into your chosen translation language, used in a sample sentence, and includes an audio file for correct pronunciation. For each album, the eight expressions are presented in pairs, with a spelling, contextual placement, and pronounciation exercise. Completing both albums, practising the spelling, playing in the Game Zone (two word puzzles, one image/word matching game and one memorisation of word pairs game) will help you consolidate the learned vocabulary into long-term memory through strengthened neural connections for that learning.

What are the themes for Photo Vocabs?

Photo Vocabs are structured by types of topic:

  • * Featured
  • * Essentials
  • * Abstractions
  • * Au Restaurant
  • * Santé
  • * Tourisme
  • * Body & Health
  • * Business & Education
  • * Clothing & Fashion
  • * Culture
  • * Food & Drink
  • * Hobbies & Technology
  • * Nature
  • * Places
  • * Society
  • * Sports
  • * The House
  • * Transportation
  • * Travel

How do I find a Photo Vocab?

On the Photo Vocabs catalog page, you can have fun perusing the wide range of dictionaries in each category, or you can explore all the dictionaries in one specific category.

For a more specific search, using the Search Tool you can also search the dictionaries using keywords in the language being learned, or in your chosen site interface language. You can also search for specific terms within the Photo Vocabs, again either in the language being learned or in your chosen interface language.

How much time do I need to complete a Photo Vocab?

Photo Vocabs can be completed in about 20 minutes. This makes them convenient to use in improving your vocabulary via short daily sessions.